Sunrise over the Atlantic.

One of the many great reasons that people keep coming back to the Outer Banks is how beautiful it is—photogenic, when you come right down to it. 

It’s apparent that is a widely held opinion of the area; cameras are everywhere as families create memories of their time on the Outer Banks.

Not all photo ops are created equal, of course, so going out on a limb, we now present the Brindley Beach Vacations list of three great places to take a picture.

Sunrise on the Atlantic Ocean

This is for early risers, and not all mornings are created equal, but when conditions are right, this is one of the most spectacular events imaginable. A little bit better camera is probably needed for this, although an I-Phone will capture the feeling if not all of the colors. Take lots of pics and choose the best four or five.

Bodie Island Lighthouse

Three out of the four lighthouses on the Outer Banks can be climbed—Ocracoke is the exception, and all three offer truly spectacular views of the surrounding. 

There is, though, something truly special about the vista from the top of Bodie Island Lighthouse in South Nags Head. Below the tower, the marshland and small islands march to Pamlico Sound. To the south, Oregon inlet is distinct. Depending on the time of day, there is a parade of boats heading to sea or coming home.

Whalehead Club

Almost any place along the western side of the Outer Banks will offer a wonderful sunset, but there is something unique about sunset at the Whalehead Club. Maybe it’s the parklike setting; perhaps the it’s the dramtic art nouveau house—whatever the mystery element is . . . grab your camera and be ready for sunset.