We’re still in the midst of the summer season here on the Outer Banks so we still don’t have a complete read on what Summer 2015 is going to be like, but some of the earliest statistics we’re seeing seem to indicate a very strong year.

The number of visitors at sites counting these things seems to be significantly up through June over last year, and the month of June itself is also up. It’s a little bit difficult to say what all of this means because there have been a series of very harsh winters on the East Coast delaying the end of the school year, which directly effects when families can leave for vacation.

Nonetheless, the trends are very positive.

Certainly for anyone thinking of investing in Outer Banks property, that’s good information to have. But there is more to the story.

In an earlier post, we noted efforts in the North Carolina Senate to reallocate how sales tax would be distributed. To simplify—their plan would distribute sales tax based on the population of the county, not how much it had collected. It is a plan that would be very difficult for Dare and Currituck Counties to overcome.

With populations of 35,000 and 24,000 respectively, their sales tax revenue goes a long way to paying for the infrastructure needed to support a thriving tourist industry.

Budget negotiations seem to be taking the redistribution plan out of the budget, but a similar bill is being introduced as a standalone measure, although that will not be confirmed until later this week.

Because this has the potential to effect so many of the people who love the Outer Banks, here at Brindley Beach Vacations we’ll continue to monitor this situation.