Southern Shores resident, Ike Sherlock, speaking in opposition to planned 16 bedroom home.

The new Southern Shores town council has been seated with three new members and if last night’s meeting is an indication interesting times are on the horizon.

The subject was an event home that may be built on the ocean front. 

For the past two years the residents of the town and the council did not seem to be on the same page and it made for some stormy meetings. 

This meeting had fireworks as well, but residents and council seem to be on the same page, although there is a significant question about just how much can be done to stop the planned 16 bedroom home the includes a 1000 square foot ballroom from being built.

The project is in it’s very first stages with the developer just submitting a CAMA permit request, which is standard procedure for ocean front construction. After getting the CAMA permit, asking the town to issue a building permit is the next step.

And that’s where it may get a bit dicey—the town does not want an event home .  . . probably anywhere, but certainly not on the beach.

However, a recently passed state law prohibits local jurisdictions from defining a home by the number of bedrooms in it. The town does have an ordinance on its books limiting the number of bedrooms to seven based on septic capacity, but since bedrooms cannot be used as a criteria for a permit, the town will have to come up with other means to prevent event homes from being built.

The project, if it does move forward, still needs a building permit, approval by the planning commission and will probably have to come before the town council at some point.