Division I Engineer, Jerry Jennings, speaking at the Jarvisburg Elementary School

Just about anyone who has visited the Outer Banks in the summer knows that on weekends traffic backs up . . . and the backup can be pretty frustrating. The recent news that the Mid Currituck Bridge is back in NCDOT plans has given hope that a solution is on the horizon, but construction is not scheduled to begin until 2019 and won’t be completed until 2023.

So, in the interim, something has to be done, and that was the subject of a meeting held at the Jarvisburg Elementary School—a few miles north of the Wright Memorial Bridge—on Monday night.

After listening to an hour of presentation from state officials, and another 45 minutes of questions and suggestions from the audience, what is absolutely clear is there is no clear answer.

There are some incremental improvements that will probably yield some improvement but in the short-term, there isn’t much that can be done.

One suggestion that may be used, is greater police presence at major intersection in Southern Shores and Kitty Hawk to prevent gridlock. If the idea yielded any improvement, it would be very small.

An interim suggestion that Jerry Jennings from NCDOT indicated has been considered, is adding southbound lanes on US158 at the intersection with NC12. According to Jennings, no specific counts of cars going north from that intersection have been done, so it’s difficult to predict what the impact would be on the intention. However, the idea should help to move traffic more quickly to the Wright Memorial Bridge.