The WRV Outer Banks Qualifying Series brought pro surfers from around the world to the Outer Banks.

The WRV Outer Banks Pro Men's and Women's Qualifying Series was in town this weekend, hitting the surf at Jennette’s Pier in Nags Head.

The competition brings an international crew of men and women surfers to the Outer Banks for three days with 15 year old Makeena Burke from Ventura, California taking the women crowns, and Brazilian Renan Pulga winning on he men’s side.

The weather was just about perfect for the event—warm days with light winds, the beach by Jennette’s Pier was packed this year.

The first day of competition was Friday and if the weather was ideal the conditions were not with lake-effect surf rolling in…ankle to mid shin high waves.

They got the completion in and it’s a tribute to how good the competition was that they were even able to find something to ride.

Saturday and Sunday, though, was a different story as the Atlantic Ocean delivered near perfect conditions with three foot swells and an even break—and the surfers delivered.

There was incredible skill level on display and the individual heats were very competitive with the difference between going on to the next round or disqualification often being decided by a tenth of a point.

Next up on the surf circuit will be the Eastern Surf Association (ESA) Finals, also at Jennette’s Pier, September 16-22 this year.