An amazing day to be on the beach yesterday, and through the early afternoon, things look pretty good again today. There may be some rain moving in later, but it’s not here yet. 

Early in the week, though, the red flags were flying. That’s the no swimming flags that get posted all along the beach when forecasts are calling for unsafe conditions. Usually the warnings are for rip currents which are powerful currents that break through the surf and head out to sea. They can be very difficult to see, but luckily, the conditions that create them are understood and predicable—which is why the red flags were flying earlier this week.

Outer Banks residents and anyone who is here fairly regularly do not go in the ocean when the red flags are up—which should be a good indication to the occasional visitor or first time vacationer just how seriously we take that warning. 

The exception are the surfers, but that’s a whole other story.

The advice on this is simple. Be patient—the conditions that call for the “no swimming” flags rarely last more than two days, and most of our visitors are here for a week, and some for two weeks.

There are lots of other things to do while waiting for a change in conditions—go shopping, take the family to any one of the amazing attractions scattered all over the Outer Banks. You can even go to the beach . . . just please, don’t go in the water until it’s safe.