Movie Poster for Call Sign Romeo.

Movie Poster for Call Sign Romeo.

Local production company, Romeo Productions, is bringing Hollywood to the Outer Banks. The movie, Call Sign Romeo is, according to the producers, a coming of age film that is going to shot on the Outer Banks.

And, hoping to make the film as authentic as possible the producers are going to use local actors as much as possible in key roles.

In a press release the film’s director, Raymond Wallace, described the plot as, “It’s Creed meets Top Gun, set amidst an authentic Outer Banks story.  It’s a great homegrown story that will feature numerous area landmarks that Outer Bankers in particular are bound to recognize and appreciate.”

The actual plot focusses on high school wrestler Chris Miller whose dreams is to go to the Naval Academy and become a Navy aviator.

Along the way there are, of course, challenges. His girl friend is West Point bound. He’s competing at the state wrestling championships, hoping to win it all. Kid Hulk and some Navy SEAL trainers stand in his way.

Romeo Production Movies

The movie is a big step up for Romeo Productions. They are an Outer Banks film and production company that has produced a couple of award wining shorts.

Their best known film, Lost in Buffalo City, garnered a number of independent filmmaker awards and horror film awards. The movie tells the story of “headstrong journalist, John Miller,” who disappears deep in the swamp of Buffalo City.

Romeo Productions also produces OBTV News, an irreverent and sometimes off color look at what’s happening on the Outer Banks.

Their films also include Night of the Fluffet a cautionary tale about the dangers of bringing a wild Fluffet into your home and Boy, the story of a man cursed to be the errand runner for an ancient evil spirit.

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