Colonial Spanish Mustangs cooling off on a hot day in Carova. (photo, Corolla Wild Horse Fund.)

There appears to be a rogue Colonial Wild Mustang roaming around Corolla, unless the folks from the Corolla Wild Horse Fund managed to catch up with him today.

It seems about a month ago he walked out into Currituck Sound, kept going until he came to the end of the fence that is designed to keep the horses in the 4WD Carova area and headed for the green grass and manicured lawns of Corolla. He probably had to swim a little to get all the way around the fence, but especially on hot days, horses like going in the water anyway, so it probably wasn’t too difficult.

He was rounded up once and taken back north of the fence, but it didn’t take him long to make his way south again.

Karen McCalpin, the Executive Director or the Corolla Wild Horse Fund, notes that he’s an older stallion and probably doesn’t want to fight with the younger, more aggressive stallions.

The Spanish Mustangs are a tough and smart breed of horse and it appears as though he’s figured out that whenever the humans show up to round him up, if he heads to the marshes the two-legged creatures can’t get to him.

It sounds like a funny story—and there is some humor in it, but there is also a very real potential for the horse to be harmed or killed. The primary reason the horses were originally moved north of the paved road in Corolla was because so many had been hit by cars that the viability of the herd was threatened.