Sammie’s BBQ & Smoke House is about as Eastern North Carolina barbecue as it gets. Located in Point Harbor where Native Vine use to be, Allen Holton and Mike Florez just opened the doors Friday and the first reports are good.

Allen is the pit master and he’s been smoking pork most of his life, mostly for friends and family, but along the way he learned a lot about how to do it right. Use oak for the smoke, cook it slow and use the whole hog. Vinegar and pepper are all that’s used in traditional Eastern North Carolina barbecue and when seasoned right—which this is— everything comes together.

Typical of barbecue houses, the menu is limited—chopped whole hog pork, baby back ribs, smoked chicken and smoked chicken salad. There are a few selections of the kids just in case . . . hot dogs, chicken fingers and grilled cheese . . . but Sammie’s is really about doing barbecue the way it should be done.

There are some really good sides and soups; the collards were really good, the potato salad excellent. Soups change every day and if the rest of the lineup is a s good as the ham and butter bean soup, the restaurant is worth a visit just for the extras.

We had a chance to talk a bit with Allen and he is adamant that the only way to serve wood cooked pork bbq is fresh—everything is cooked that day; nothing is held over. 

Hours are 11-7 and if he runs out of smoked pork at 6:30, he’s done for the day.

The official address is 9138 Caratoke Highway, just past the end of the Wright Memorial Bridge in Point Harbor. Phone is 252-491-2845. 

Check it out—it’s worth a visit.