Santa Claus making his appearance at the Duck Town Green.

It’s not quite Thanksgiving yet, although it is Turkey Day week, so we thought it would be a good idea to get the word out about where Santa Claus is going be making an appearance on the Outer Banks.

With Thanksgiving happening so early this year, well…the Fat Jolly Old Elf looks like he’s got a lot of work ahead of him before Christmas and there’s a good possibility that he’ll be shaving off a few pounds this year.

We checked on his local schedule and decided that we would highlight three of the many places he’s going to be between now and Christmas.

Santa will be making his first local appearance at Kitty Hawk Kite’s Kites with Lights on Friday and Saturday of this week. Actually he’ll be there a bit before the Kites with Lights soar above Jockeys Ridge. On Friday he’ll be at the Jockey’s Ridge store from 10am – 2pm and on Saturday 1pm – 4pm. 

His next appearance will be at one of the most amazing small town Christmas celebrations anywhere. The Manteo Tree lighting on Friday November 30 is a wonderful celebration community. Free food from a local church, singing, dancing and of course Santa Clause. Look for the beard and red suit at the Dare County Arts Council Gallery. Santa’s the guy who throws the switch to light the Manteo Christmas Tree.

And…one more appearance. Saturday afternoon, December 1, Santa comes to Duck. Hot chocolate, live Dixieland music and he arrives in a fire truck. And we can’t forget the crab pot Christmas Tree that is lit every year in front of the town’s gazebo. Click here and check out some of our wonderful villa rentals in Outer Banks!