The Poulos house in Kill Devil Hills. A spectacular Outer Banks Christmas tradition for over 10 years.

The Outer Banks seems ablaze with Christmas lights. From the ancient cedar by the Currituck Lighthouse in Corolla to the Manteo waterfront, the sky is filled with light as the winter solstice approaches.
That luminescence is, perhaps, a way of holding back the night, or a reminder that even at the darkest point there is the promise of light . . . or maybe it’s as simple as there is beauty in the illumination of the night sky and we enjoy it.
The days are at their shortest now and the wind is from the west today–a small blessing, because the east wind that blows from the sea seems to pierce multiple layers of insulation. 
There is a stark beauty to the Outer Banks at this time of the year, the live oak and pine trees that are so much a part of the barrier island landscape take on a fuller richer shade of green when cast against the leafless trees surrounding them. The ocean is a gray-green color at this time of the year, it’s surface mottled with white caps to the horizon.
It is not a beauty that everyone will see or understand, yet it exists and for the people who see it, winter on the Outer Banks is extraordinary.
The pace of life has slowed down, but the holidays remind us that this is a time of regeneration and rebirth. Surrounded by the lights of Christmas, by the sense of generosity of spirit that the holidays create, there is tangible evidence that even at the shortest day of the year, spring will surely follow and after that comes summer.
That rebirth, however, is not limited to the change of the seasons. There is as well a rejuvenation of the spirit–a chance to reflect upon the past year and know those things that were good works are worth continuing . . . are worthy of the effort it takes to achieve them.
Like almost everyone else, we here at Brindley Beach Vacations become inundated with the day to day needs of living our lives and running a business. We truly love what we do; we love the Outer Banks and honestly believe there is no better place for a family vacation . . . summer, fall, winter, spring  . . . each season is unique and every time of year offers something special for our visitors.
Yet in all that we do, we try to remember that our visitors are much like us–regardless of where they began their journey, they come from communities much like Outer Banks. Our visitors are truly an international bunch, most of course, coming from the United States and Canada, but we also have guests from Europe and a few from Asia and Latin America.
We would like to think that this wonderfully diverse group of visitors who stay with us do so because we offer them something that is at once unique and beautiful, yet familiar. We would like to think that the sense of generosity of spirit that we have come to love about this sandbar that we call home is, at the heart of why so many people return to us every year.
And it is with the sense of generosity of spirit and rebirth that we here at Brindley Beach Vacations wish everyone the very merriest of Christmases and a happy and prosperous New Year.