People's Choice and Judge's Choice winner, Ocean Boulevard California Style Shrimp Wonton.

People’s Choice and Judge’s Choice winner, Ocean Boulevard California Style Shrimp Wonton.

The 10th Annual Outer Banks Shrimp Cook-off is easy to sum up. It’s eating shrimp for a good cause.

The good cause is the Outer Banks Center for Dolphin Research. Since 2008 the OBCDR has been tracking our local dolphin mostly in Roanoke Sound.

By photographing the fins of the dolphin, the OBCDR has shown that individual dolphins can be identified. With that information in hand, scientists up and down the East Coast have been able to track the migratory patterns of the Outer Banks dolphin population.

It turns out that they don’t particularly care for colder weather and cold temperatures, so they make the Outer Banks their home from mid spring to the middle of fall then head south to Florida for the winter.

To date, over 800 dolphin have been identified in local waters. Surprising but there really are that many.

The Shrimp Cook-off

The good cause is great but really, it’s all about the shrimp and how innovative local chefs are in preparing it.

The local shrimp season has been good so the chefs had some good stock to start with. With ten restaurants on hand there was little doubt that there would be a lot of innovation.

One of the most creative that we saw, and it won’t show up in the winner’s circles, was the cold coconut fried shrimp served over coconut yogurt from the folks at OBX Frozen Yogurt. It was the perfect palate cleanser.

Ocean Boulevard won the People’s Choice and Judge’s Choice for Chef Jamie Spence’s California Style Shrimp Wonton—poached shrimp in a crispy wonton with a spicy sticky rice ball featuring shrimp. It was very good.

The Shrimp Cook-off will probably be back for an 11th year next year. It’s a good one to plan a weekend around.

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