Two dolphin swim in the waters of Roanoke Sound. Photo, Outer Banks Center for Dolphin Research.

Two dolphin swim in the waters of Roanoke Sound. Photo, Outer Banks Center for Dolphin Research.

The Outer Banks is having a great season for shrimp which is at least one good reason to head to the 10th Annual Shrimp Cook-off this Sunday at Ocean Boulevard in Kitty Hawk.

The other reason, and maybe even more important is it support the Outer Banks Center for Dolphin Research.

The OBCDR has been researching the dolphins that spend spring, summer and fall in the Outer Banks sounds. Mostly, it seems in Roanoke Sound where more than 800 have been counted and identified since 2008.

The dolphin are identified by their fins. The fins, it seems, are as unique to each individual as a human face is to us.

The research has proven invaluable in understanding the migratory patterns of Atlantic bottlenose dolphins. They do seem to prefer Outer Banks waters in from mid spring to mid fall. When temperatures fall, however, they head south.

The identifications made by the OBCDR team has allowed researcher to confirm the identity of dolphins as they migrate.

What the Shrimp Cook-off is all about

Of course eating shrimp for a good cause is a great idea. But making that great idea even better is everything involved with the day.

The shrimp is going to be amazing. There should be 10 restaurants on hand, including Ocean Boulevard, Sooey’s, Johanna’s in Wanchese and seven more. It’s going to be crowded but the shrimp will be spectacular.

Making the day even better, the silent auction table will be filled with gift certificates from some of the finest Outer Banks restaurants. Business have contributed heavily to make this a great event and help the OBCDR do their job.

The Shrimp Cook-off is another example of what a great community the Outer Banks is. See for yourself what it all about. Come stay with Brindley Beach Vacations for a week or two this fall or winter.