Coming off what was arguably the best summer for visitation we’ve had on the Outer Banks, the summer of 2014 is looking pretty good. There seems to be mounting evidence that the country’s economy as a whole is improving and the Outer Banks continues to be the vacation spot for the Eastern United States–and parts of Canada too.

That doesn’t mean anyone can be complacent. 

Property management on the Outer Banks is very competitive–it’s one of the reasons we offer excellent quality and value to our guests. Competition does bring out the best in us, and as long as we can offer the best service, the best accommodations, and the best experience we will continue to be as successful as we have been.

Here at Brindley Beach we’ve discussed how important it is for each property owner to make sure their home is ready, that the right mix of amenities are available when the guest unlocks the door. 

That is probably more important now than ever. Simply put, the Outer Banks competitive market is becoming even more competitive.

There are new vacation homes being built. The level of construction is nothing like it was ten years ago–a level that probably was not sustainable; but there are more and newer homes coming on the market all the time. 

Newer is nice, everyone likes it. But the best way to make sure a rental property is filled is to have satisfied families requesting your property year after year. That happens when homeowners pay attention to the details that keep everyone happy.