Sometimes walking long the beaches of the Outer Banks turns up the most surprising things . . . like a full-fledged skimboard competition in Kill Devil Hills this weekend. 

As it turns out, the Outer Banks Skim Jam is an annual event sponsored by Skimcity, one of the largest makers of skimboards. 

If the contest flew a little bit under our radar, it certainly did not fly under the radar of a lot of people. There were what looked like a few hundred spectators on hand, and lots of young kids with skimboards trying to nail the moves of the pros.

Skimboarding certainly isn’t as well known as surfing, but watching the competition it was clear these were athletes who had taken the time to be at the top of their game. Fast, calling for impeccable timing and surprisingly graceful, it was great way to spend some time on the beach.

This was a professional and amateur competition and the structure of the competition brackets looks to be the same as surf brackets, so for parents with kids who want to get more involved in the sport, it's worth a look.