Snow along the Currituck Banks Estuarine Reserve boardwalk to the sound.

Snow along the Currituck Banks Estuarine Reserve boardwalk to the sound.

It had to happen. We finally had snow on the Outer Banks. It wasn’t a lot…barely a dusting really. However, since we had no snow at all last year, this was a bit of a break from recent patterns.

And it’s cold. Very cold.

Of course, all things are relative, so for our friends in Pennsylvania or Ohio or out in the mountains of North Carolina, our predicted low tonight around 25 doesn’t seem all that remarkable. But with a north wind off the ocean, that 25 degrees sure seems a lot colder.

The snow was wonderful. It’s almost all gone now, but when it was on the ground it transformed the look of the Outer Banks. Colors became softer and more muted. Tree branches seemed to glow white with the snow. An occasional sparrow or wren would flit through the branches.

If we were snowed in and had to deal with it for two or three weeks or a month, it would get old. But for one day, the beauty of the snow was quite nice.

Local Conditions

The Atlantic Ocean was really churned up earlier today with 6’-8’ waves in the surf zone. No surfers though. Two reasons for that probably. With a 20-25mph wind, there was too much slop in the waves with no clear break. And the water temperature was sitting at 39 degrees this morning. If you’re going to wear a drysuit, something to ride is part of the equation.

There doesn’t appear to be any more snow forecast for a while. Some rain. A lot of rain over the weekend. But it’s winter on the Outer Banks and that’s a pretty typical weather pattern at this time of the year.

The winter is a magical time on the Outer Banks. Take a break from the norm and visit us here at Brindley Beach Vacations before all of our guests come back again.