Snow may be on the way.

Snow may be on the way.

Snow may be coming our way here on the Outer Banks. Or maybe not.The forecast right now is a bit a maybe yes maybe no affair.

What can be certain is that a low pressure system is filled with moistures is pushing in from the southeast, and when it gets offshore, that’s a traditional place for a nor’easter to form. There’s a front that’s pushing down from the northwest, so the question becomes, how for south does the cold front get before the coastal low forms.

It’s a classic setup for a heck of winter storm.

No matter what, we’re for a couple of days of falling temperatures, very strong winds—30-40 with higher gusts—and a lot of precipitation. Probably rain…but maybe snow.

Much of what will happen depends on location. The farther north the greater the chance of snow.

Nags Head and south—not much chance at all. Duck and north? And inch to an inch and a half until Corolla where models are calling for 3”-4” of snow.

A Warm Winter

Even if something does fall, it will be short-lived on the ground.

We seem to be having one of the most mild winters anyone can remember. There has only been one or two day where the temperatures fell below freezing. Admittedly we don’t live in the mountains or someplace in New England, so we don’t expect days and days of frigid weather.

Still, this winter has been unlike any other we’ve experienced for some time with temperatures regularly 10-15 degrees above the average. After this system exits, it looks as though that pattern will be on hand again. Daytime highs are forecast to be in the upper 50s to 60 by next week.

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