Ducks seeking shelter from north wind in Sandy Run Park.

The kids got a day off from school today, the temperatures struggled to make it to the freezing mark as Old Man Winter came barreling into the Outer Banks overnight.

We didn’t have a lot of snow, maybe a half an inch, but with frozen roads and snow flurries all day, the local schools didn’t think it was safe. The kids will be fine with that until they realize the makeup day is a Saturday.

We don’t get snow that often on the Outer Banks, so when we do, it’s a bit of a treat, although heavy snowfalls overstay their welcome very quickly since there is no snow removal equipment around here. 

But this was a nice light here and gone trip to Winter Wonderland type of snow. Temperatures are forecast to be in the mid 50s tomorrow, so all of this will be gone in a day. But while it was here, there was a beauty that is rarely seen on the Outer Banks.

At Sandy Run Park in Kitty Hawk, the ducks were hiding as best they could from the north wind, taking to the water when they heard footsteps—and complaining loudly as they did so. As soon as they felt it was safe they paddled right back where they came from. 

The kids will go back to school tomorrow, the snow will melt, life will get back to winter normal, but for one day it was nice to have Old Man Winter as a visitor.