The Whalehead Club
There must be something in the air up there is Corolla because while the rest of the Outer Banks is slowing down for the winter, the Whalehead Club and and the Outer Banks Center for Wildlife Education seem bent on expanding their winter events.
They are both part of Currituck Heritage Park–where the Currituck Beach Lighthouse is located–and it looks as though they have teamed up to offer some educational seminars and some great music.
The Center for Wildlife Education, which is a museum as much as anything else, is putting on a series of seminars about shipwrecks off the Outer Banks. The first one will be next Tuesday, January 21 from 10-12:30 and focus on “Sinking of the USS Monitor.” The notes on the presentation also indicate a discussion of WWII off the Outer Banks Coast, which was, by all accounts a frightening time with ships being sunk within sight of the shoreline.
The second seminar in the series will be “Shipwrecks, Small Boats and Screw Piles,” on February 11–same time. 
For music lovers, especially the blues, mark Sunday January 26 on your calendars. Uphill–Chris “Catdaddy” Palestrant and Adam “Deacon Blues” Nixon–will be performing at the Whalehead Club. It looks as though, Palestrant will be pounding on the 88 keys of the classic Whalehead Steinway that is so much a part of the history and lore the Club.

The seminars are free, although reservations are required for refreshments. All Whalehead Club Steinway concerts–and there are a few more coming up–are $20.