Raymond the Mule and Sonny the ram at the CWHF farm.

Raymond the Mule and Sonny the ram at the CWHF farm.

For years, Raymond the Mule had been a part of the Corolla Wild Horse herd up in the 4WD area of Carova.

For the most part he got along pretty well with the horses in the herd, but Raymond like mules in general, can be a bit cantankerous at times. The phrase “kick like a mule” is a pretty accurate way to think about how powerful a mule’s best defense is.

Raymond has been in declining health and in September Corolla Wild Horse Fund managers decided it was time to take him to the CWHF farm over in Currituck.

He seemed to be doing pretty well in his new digs, but well, mules being mules, he wasn’t the most popular animal in the barn, nor did he seem to want to be.

He may, however, have met his match.

Raymond Meets His Match in Sonny

Earlier this week Sonny the Ram showed up at the farm.

Sonny, it seems, had strayed into a families yard, and the family tried to care for him, but rams being rams, the whole loving family thing didn’t seem to interest him. He was also according to the CWHF pretty much of a bully when it came to the horses the family owned.

So the family contacted the CWHF and asked if they could take in Sonny.

According to the folks at the farm, Raymond wasn’t so friendly when in greeting Sonny didn’t seem to be fazed by that at all.

Last report has the two of them getting along just fine.

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