Spring is officially here on the Outer Banks, although it’s a bit chilly today. But the days are getting longer, even the cold days aren’t as cold as it was a month ago, so there’s no doubt things are looking up.

It’s about time it got here, too. It was so cold this past winter that the fish seemed to go into hibernation, but with the last fishing reports we saw, it looks like the fish are coming back again—there has been some striper action in the sounds and a couple of puppy drum landed on the beaches. 

Spring is one of the best times on the Outer Banks for wind sports—everything from a fun little diamond shaped kite to a hang glider, which is really just a big kite with a person strapped to it. Kiteboarders are getting back on the water again as well.

The surf action has been a little spotty. Springtime winds tend to shift around a lot and so far there hasn’t been much chance for the surf to build. Strong winds and a lot of chop today, but hopefully it will smooth out over the next few days.

Even though the air temperature trend is to warmer, the ocean tends to take its good old time about heating up; ocean temperature was 45 at Kill Devil Hills today, and there’s little chance it will be much warmer soon. Surfers, dress appropriately.