Featuring a wide array of creativity from Outer Banks Artists, the 33rd Starvin’ Artists Party was a huge success.

Going to the Starvin’ Artists party it’s a little bit difficult to know what is better—the art or the food.

Probably the art, but the food gives the artists a real run for the money…although the food is free.

But the art—wow, is it good. Some of the best Outer Banks artists were on hand this year. Stephanie Kiker came up from Hatteras. Dawn Moraga, Reddawn Designs was there,thresher artwork wonderfully primitive yet modern. Holly Nettles brought her Outer Banks landscapes.

There was some outstanding pottery, great jewelry—the list goes on and on.

One of the artists who really needs to be noted is Vic Berg. Vic has been a hunting guide for over 40 years on the Outer Banks and with the knowledge he as gained on the water, the bird carvings he does are amazing.

He also gets a special note because every year he brings something from the game he’s taken and includes with the food that’s offered. This year it was a spicy venison sausage stew. He did mention that it was his wife, Ellen, who made the stew, but regardless, it was good.

The party was held at Cozy Kitchens in Kitty Hawk this year and it really helped the event. In the past—probably in keeping with the theme of “starvin’ artist,” the event has been held in one of the artist’s homes. 

That does seem to make things just a bit cramped, although it did create a very impromptu and improvisational feel—but really, Cozy Kitchens is a much better location. Hopefully they’ll be back next year.