Road conditions north of Rodanthe at the S Curves.

I guess we could call this the storm that just doesn’t want to go away. It’s powerful, no doubt about that.

Powerful enough to cause the container ship Maersk Shanghai to lose between 70-73 containers in high seas off Oregon Inlet. That’s what the Coast Guard reported Saturday night.

It’s a little difficult to know exactly what the conditions were the ship encountered when the incident happened. From buoys placed off shore in the area it would appear seas were running about 24’ at the time and the wind was from the north at 40-50 mph. 

The ship was on route to Charleston, SC at the time according to information found on ship movements.

For the Outer Banks historians, this is not the first time a container ship has heaved a container overboard. Back in 2006, sealed bags of Doritos washed up on Hatteras beaches after a container went overboard and sprang open.

Of course 73 containers of various merchandise is a far cry from one container of Doritos. The Doritos are pretty harmless; we have no idea what was in the containers that were last.

It looks as though the storm is leaving. Slowly—much more slowly than originally forecast—bu by Tuesday we should be back to almost normal on the Outer Banks.

In the meantime, Hatteras Island is pretty much inaccessible right now. The S Curves north of Rodanthe are under water—an expected development whenever there’s a particularly severe storm. That is the reason the Jug Handle bypass to the area is going to be built.

North of Oregon Inlet, there has been some ocean overwash. We’ll get a good look at how well the nourished beaches have held up on Tuesday.