Hatteras Beach, 2006 after a shipping container filled with Doritos washed ashore.

Hatteras Beach, 2006 after a shipping container filled with Doritos washed ashore.

Strange things wash up on the Outer Banks beaches.

Sticking out into the Atlantic Ocean the way it does and with two powerful currents converging offshore—well the result is predictable.

A 2006 shipping container filled with Doritos went overboard in November and washed up on Hatteras Island beaches.

That was probably the tastiest strange thing, but at least everyone knew where it came from.

No one is still quite sure how was in the bag that showed up on the beach one time. The best guess is a family buried someone at sea and well…maybe it didn’t turn out quite the way the family hoped it would.

Strange Things Goes National

A recent article by Jeff Hampton writing for the Virginian Pilot got picked up nationally.  The article talks about some of the strange things that have appeared on local beaches. The space debris that was part of a booster rocket. The training mines that the navy placed.

The training mines aren’t dangerous, but in WWII the US Navy spread some 2400 mines in an arc around Cape Hatteras hoping to create a safe haven of shipping. The strategy failed miserably—the only ships sunk were three Allied craft.

After the war the Navy put a pretty big effort into collecting the mines, but they never did get all of them.

Every once in a while live ordinance does show up on an Outer Banks beach.

Of course there are all of those shipwrecks. The remarkable thing about them is many of them don’t move. They’re buried in the sand and they appear or disappear depending on the vagaries of wind, tide and weather.

One of the most bizarre of the shipwrecks to appear were the remains of a late 17th century sailing ship. Uncovered after a 2010 nor’easter stripped the sand from the ship’s skeleton in Corolla, it had probably been buried for at least 350 years.

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