A perfect early summer day on the Outer Banks as body boarders take to the waves.

A perfect early summer day on the Outer Banks as bodyboarders take to the waves.

As the first day of summer goes, today could not have been much better. Oh, sure, Memorial Day is the first official day of summer and we’re giving ourselves a one day leg up, but today was so nice, so perfect as an introduction to the summer season that you wouldn’t want to pass it up.

The day was warm—almost hot. The breeze was from the southwest. Early clouds gave way to bright sunshine. The sand was warm, the ocean water cool, almost cold, and the beach was filled with families. It was the perfect day to explore some Outer Banks NC activities.

And that’s the way an Outer Banks summer day made for exploring Outer Banks NC activities is supposed to go.

Here at Brindley Beach Vacations, we write about a lot of things to see and do on the Outer Banks. But stripped to its most basic the reason so many people visit with us is for three reasons: the sun, the beach, and the ocean.

Actually, the early appearance is this may be the best summer we have had. Of course, there’s still three months to go, but if the number of visitors we had this weekend and into the coming week is an indication, we’re going to have a record number of families staying with us.

Make Your Summer a Little Safer while Engaging in Outer Banks NC Activities

Since we’re talking about summer fun, a couple of observations to make things a little safe during your Outer Banks NC activities.

Sunscreen is a must. One day of sun and three days of sunburn is not going to enhance your stay.

Swim around lifeguards. Outer Banks towns and local government, and the National Park Service hire and train professional lifeguards who really know what they’re doing.

Please don’t dig deep holes in the sand. There’s a real danger to the person digging the hole if everything collapses…and they do. Or, all too often the holes don’t get filled back in creating a whole new danger for beachgoers.

Mostly though, relax, and enjoy your vacation. Browse our amazing vacation rentals for this Summer.