A hot day on the Nags Head beach.

A hot day on the Nags Head beach.

It’s hot on the Outer Banks. Heatwave hot. Hot as in jumping into that 75 degree water temperature ocean is what a small piece of paradise feels like.

It’s pretty much like this all up and down the East Coast right not, but we have something they don’t have. Two things really.

We have a lot of almost perfect to absolutely perfect beach and the Atlantic Ocean.

Things have gotten really kind of crazy here on the Outer Banks over the past few weeks. That’s good crazy. As in none of us can remember ever seeing quite so many visitors here week after week.

It all makes sense when we sit down and think about it. The Outer Banks is just far enough away from city life that we’re a little bit remote. But not so far away that it takes days to get here.

And, at a time when people really do want to be socially distant from folks they don’t know, the Outer Banks with over 100 miles of beach from Carova to Ocracoke gives plenty of room for every family to find their own space.

That has been apparent from when the first time we saw our beaches filled with visitors. Et’s still the case even now when it seems like everyone wants to get to the beach.

For anyone planning on going to the beach the next few days, we’re looking at heat indexes approaching 100 for the next few days with plenty of sunshine. So…sunscreen and plenty of water or whatever you use to hydrate.

It’s probably a good idea, though, to leave the beer and energy drinks for later. We have nothing against beer—we rather like it—but it is a diuretic which is not the best drink if you’re going to be in the heat all day. And a lot of energy drinks have caffeine. Also a diuretic.

By all means though, come to the Outer Banks and head straight for the beach.

Fall is coming fast. It’s a great time to be on the Outer Banks and our vacation rentals are the perfect place for you!