The calendar is saying the Outer Banks summer season is over, but the roads are saying something else entirely. Maybe it’s the weather—which is very summerlike—maybe there are delayed school openings somewhere, but there can be no doubt that for the first week of September, there are still a lot of visitors here.

It is part of a trend that has been steadily growing over the past few years—the shoulder seasons, especially the fall, are becoming busier and busier. That’s certainly good news for our Brindley Beach property owners. 

The make-up of our visitors is different this time of the year, which is important information to keep in mind when marketing a property. There are three distinct groups that constitute Outer Banks vacationers in the shoulder season: wedding parties, okder and retired couples and younger families with children who are not yet in school.

Especially for wedding parties and younger families, the drop in rental rates are an important part of the decision to come to the Outer Banks in the at this time of the year. 

For older couples—although price is important—a chance to experience the Outer Banks without the summertime hustle and bustle is also an important part of their decision.

There are other reasons and groups that can be targeted in marketing your property in the shoulder season. Property owners, contact our property management professionals here at Brindley Beach Vacations and let’s explore how we can work together.