Summertime is family time on Outer Banks beaches.

Summer has officially come to the Outer Banks. The summer solstice is still a few days away—June 21 if you’re keeping score—but the weather and the water were pure summertime today.

It felt great diving into the waves today. They were small, easily managed, which is probably why there were so many little kids splashing in the water. 

The water temperature is…well, bracing. Since it was a warm sunny day, that water at 64 or 65 degrees felt great, but it is still a bit on the cool side. It will warm up. Look for water temperatures to be in the 70s by July 4th.

Today, though, was one of those perfect Outer Banks beach days. It was more than the warm sunshine or the refreshing water temperature, it was the whole scene—friends casting lines into the surf, ever hopeful. Although it could be the hope is nothing bites an takes away from time with friends.

A father is showing one of his sons how to cast into the surf. The other son, much to young to try, is running back and forth between the father and mother, dipping his toes in the water and then running again.

It’s a Sunday so the there aren’t too many people on the beach, although it’s still a good size crowd. That will grow, even on weekends, as the full press of summer comes on.

A quick tip—be safe on the beach. The ocean is a great place to swim and play in, but it is powerful and a bit fickle. If the red flags are flying, please, do not go in the water.