Sunset over Kitty Hawk Bay.

When cruising around the Outer Banks, it pays to have a camera at the read. Sometimes everything seems to come together and the moment is just right to capture something an image that tells of the beauty of the Outer Banks.

This image was taken as the sun was setting over Kitty Hawk Bay. It was just a casual ride home along Moor Shore Road. 

There aren’t too many back roads left on the Outer Banks, and Moor Shore is probably as close to one as it gets. There’s not much of a road there—just a short spur off Kitty Hawk Road that avoids a little bit of the Bypass as it goes through Kitty Hawk.

Interesting though—Moor Shore is one of the oldest roads on the Outer Banks. At one time it was the way everyone got from Kitty Hawk to Kill Devil Hills. And from there a road connected to Moor Shore that went to Nags Head. All of it, of course, along the sounds.

It was how the Wright Brothers got from Bill Tate’s house in Kitty Hawk, who lived on Moor Shore, to their Kill Devil Hills camp.

Now, though, the road is mostly used by locals, trying to get a few moment of beauty by driving along one of those hidden gems that make the Outer Banks so special. And Friday evening, that beauty was on full display as the sun, clouds and light conspired to create a memorable setting.