Super Bowl 21 KC & Tampa Bay

Another Super Bowl  has come and gone. This one a bit different than games in the past. At least it was on the Outer Banks.

Usually we can go hangout a local sports bar. Or maybe a party with lots of friends.

We are being a bit more cautious this year though.

Still, we had a good time…even if the game was, well, not close. Actually, not close at all.

For Tampa Bay fans, they’re probably doing handsprings across the town. Kansas City, not so much.

And then there were the rest of us, many of us hoping for a close game between the GOAT and the heir apparent. The score says it all.

Even if we couldn’t gather the way we usually do for the Super Bowl, we are cautiously optimistic about the summer.

Cautious Optimism for Next Summer

Things do appear to be improving, although slowly. The play The Lost Colony is planning on performing this summer, at least that’s the last we heard. Movie theaters are allowing showing movies again, although with very limited seating.

Our Outer Banks restaurants have gotten incredibly creative in creating seating place including outdoor dining that can even stand up to colder weather. There is a bit of a limit on that one, but every little bit helps.

One of the best things about visiting the Outer Banks, though, is that almost every activity takes place outdoors. It does make us somewhat unique when it comes to welcoming our visitors.

Since we are talking about stopping by for a visit, it may be more important than ever to make your reservations as early as possible. The summer of 2021 is looking as though it will be every bit as strong as 2020—which was amazing.

Some of the homes that had been available for our visitors were sold this year, and the new owners have decided to not rent the property. We’re mentioning this because it’s not just one or two homes.

Check in with us at Brindley Beach Vacations and get the best home for the dream vacation on the Outer Banks.