Chiefs and 49ers go head to head.

Chiefs and 49ers go head to head.

Super Bowl LIV is now history and what a game it was. Fans going wild. Disappointment on one side of the room and wild joy on the other.

When you come right down to it, the Outer Banks is much like the rest of the country when it comes to Super Bowl Sunday. Everything pretty much comes to a halt. The streets are deserted; stores empty. Pizza, wings, cold cuts and anything that can be finger food takes center stage.

What is particularly nice about the day is that it’s a few hours when we can all sit back and enjoy something that we all have in common.

There are always a couple of places that seem to get a good crowd in to watch the game.

At Barefoot Bernies in Kitty Hawk, with all those big screens surrounding the bar. That’s a good place. Nice beer selection and the food is very good.

Just a bit down the road but in Kill Devil Hills, Two Roads Tavern is great as well. And, they may have the best burgers on the beach.

Super Bowl a Gathering of Friends

Most people end up gathering at someone’s home. Maybe five or six…maybe a few dozen. In some ways it’s like Thanksgiving or maybe even Christmas, except that the day is a little more social, a bit more about friends that family.

The teams folks on the Outer Banks mostly cheer for weren’t all that good this year—didn’t even make it to the playoffs. That would be the Redskins and Panthers. Although with all those imports from all over the country, the truth is there’s a strong contingent for just about every team in the NFL.

It was a good day on the Outer Banks. A great time to connect with friends, cheer for our teams and maybe even eat a bit too much.

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