It’s Super Bowl Sunday on the Outer Banks and like just about every other place in the United Sates the streets are deserted, pizza delivery places are geared up for the biggest day of the year, neighborhood bars are filling up and in-home tailgate parties are the norm.

Certainly Super Bowl Sunday is not a national holiday but it certainly seems as though it is. It is as though everyone pauses for just one moment, takes a deep breath and cheers wildly for one team or another. There are divided family loyalties—except in Boston or Seattle—there are hopes and hopes crushed; joy and anguish; and when it’s all said and done, what almost all of us hope for is a good game so we can go back to work on Monday and have something to talk about.

And this year it was a great game  . . . in doubt right to the last play . . . lots of questions to be asked . . . spectacular plays.

It’s times like these that no matter where you are int his country, whether sitting at the edge of continent, with the Atlantic Ocean east to the east and the Outer Banks sounds to the west or buried in snow in Boston, there is a sense that we’re all in this together.