Surfing for Autism, an amazing feel good story.

Surfing for Autism, an amazing feel-good story.

Every once in a while we need something to cheer about, something that is just good and that we can all agree that’s what it is.

This Saturday at Jennette’s Pier, surfers take to the waters with Surfing for Autism on the Outer Banks.

The day is one of the most amazing feel-good days imaginable.

Surfing for Autism on the Outer Banks began on the Outer Banks when some surfers who were parents of children with autism wanted their kids to be able to ride. What has grown out of that is a chance for parents and kids to experience a day of pure joy; a day of unabashed love and celebration.

Surfers get in the water with a child—and sometimes young adult—and work with them to ride a wave. Some of the riders never stand. Others get to their feet and pump their fists in triumph. It doesn’t matter, because all of them are filled with such a feeling of joy that it almost seems tangible.

The Wonder of Surfing for Autism on the Outer Banks

Yet as joyous, as wondrous as the feelings of the rider are, what the parents and surfers seem to experience is beyond that.

For the surfers who are often in the water for hours working with the kids, the sense that they have done something truly good, truly worthwhile, never leaves them. The celebrations that occur when the kids accomplish the task of riding a wave are as heartfelt and genuine as any celebration could be.

But it is the parents who may be experiencing the most profound emotions. For many of them, the small joys of accomplishment that most parents experience with their children have been hard to find. But on this day, at Jennette’s Pier, parents and their kids are doing things neither thought they would ever do.

It is often transformative, and it is truly something to cheer about. This is what Surfing for Autism on the Outer Banks is all about!

It is this type of giving that makes the Outer Banks such a wonderful place to live and it is why here we at Brindley Beach Vacations are so proud to be a part of this community. Learn more about us today!