Tarheel Too in Kill Devil Hills is open for the season.

To the rest of the world it may not be headline news, but here on the Outer Banks we know spring is officially here because Ed Goninan is back at Tarheel Too at the Sea Gate North Shopping Center in Kill Devil Hills.

This is probably year 30 or close to it for the produce stand, and Ed and that small wooden structure have become as much a part of the Outer Banks as John’s Drive-in, Kelly’s Outer Banks Tavern, the Beach Road, Bypass…just about anything associated with the Outer Banks.

Of course that may be a locals way of looking at it, although judging by how many out of state license plates are parked in front of it, it may be more of a regional phenomenon. 

There’s a good reason why Ed has been around so long and so successful, and it seems as though it’s all about the most basic principals of business. Good service, good product and fair pricing.

What Ed has done over the years, along with giving some of the best prices around on produce, is develop good working relationships with local farmers, so when local produce starts coming in, he usually has a pretty good supply on hand.

There is another Tarheel produce stand—the original. His brother-in-law mans that one up in Jarvisburg just across from the Cotton Gin.