The Outer Banks Taste of the Beach is part of life on a sandbar again.

The Outer Banks Taste of the Beach is part of life on a sandbar again.

With the Outer Banks Taste of the Beach happening right now, and the Outer Banks Bike Week all week long, maybe things are returning to normal after all.

We still have a way to go, or course. We’re still wearing masks and there are still some restrictions of crowd size, but slowly but surely normal is reappearing.We just have to keep doing what we’ve been doing to get there.

Having tow Outer Banks signature events happening at the same time is great news.

The Taste of the Beach has become one of the best of the springtime events on the Outer Banks. As much a tour of the Outer Banks as it is a chance to sample the amazing cuisine our chefs create.

The local version of a Taste of the Beach is nothing like what is done in cities where everyone gathers in one place. On the Outer Bank, participants go to the restaurant for the event.

There are some changes this year to accommodate the restrictions that are in place. As an example, there are none of the bit outdoor events. No shrimp cook off this year as an outdoor event. It simply puts too many people too close together to be safe.

The show does go on though, with participants traveling from competing restaurant to competing restaurant for a sample. Should be fun.

Outer Banks Bike Week

The Outer Banks Bike Week has to take the year off last year as well. And now it’s back. And it looks as though it’s back bigger than ever. The weather is cooperating and there area a lot of Harley’s on our roads.

Not as many of the large gatherings as there were in the past, but there is still live music and some biker games. And plenty of organized rides.

It’s so good to see the Outer Banks welcoming visitors again. Be a part of the welcome back crowd and reserve your Brindley Beach Vacations home today.