Chef Joey Russo of Russo's Bistro greeting tapas crawlers during the Kitty Hawk Tapas Crawl.

Since it's Taste of the Beach weekend on the Outer Banks we thought it would be good to report on some of the events.

The big events are, of course, what gets all of the attention—the BBQ & Wings today at the Pointe in Powells Point or the Chowder Cook-off tomorrow at Southern Shores Crossing. 

But sometimes it’s the other events that make the Taste of the Beach such a fun time. 

We had a chance to check out the Kitty Hawk Tapas Crawl tonight and it sure was a good time. This type of event is perfect for a group  get together.

There were three restaurants in the Kitty Hawk Tapas Crawl—Russo’s Bistro, which is a new restaurant on the Outer Banks scene, Ocean Boulevard and Coastal Provision. And we do know Coastal Provisions is in Southern Shores, but that’s quibbling.

The way it works is the restaurants have a selection of tapas available; the tapas crawler gets to choose one from the selection and a glass of wine. If there are three or four people in the group, thats three or four selections and a great opportunity to sample a variety of styles from each chef.

In talking to the chefs, the event was a little more popular than anticipated, although, they were not complaining at al about the unexpected customers.

There were’s any favorites on this one…just a really good time.