Today was the day Al Roker almost came to town. 

The veteran NBC weatherman is on a mission to do a weather forecast from all 50 states in one week and the original itinerary had had in Kitty Hawk this evening. Unfortunately he didn’t quite make it tweeting around 6:20 p.m., “So sorry we’re running behind” from the Coast Guard Air Station Elizabeth City. 

That’s where he did his broadcast, and then, if we’re looking at his schedule correctly, he’s off to Charleston, West Virginia. He must be flying there since it’s a 7+ hour road trip from Northeastern North Carolina.

It’s a crazy timetable Roker’s trying to follow. He started the day in Slidell, Louisiana then off to Mobile, Alabama, Pensacola, Florida, Savannah, Hilton Head. By our calculations, using Google Maps, that’s almost 1700 road miles, which averages out to 70mph for a 24 hour day, and that doesn’t include time out to do the weather forecasts.

It does make sense looking at the map of his travels that the Outer Banks would be the odd place out, since the longest distance between any two stops today is Hilton Head to Kitty Hawk. Or course, depending on the size of the aircraft they were flying, it is possible Dare County Regional Airport could have been used, but logic does point to Coast Guard Air Station Elizabeth City as an easier location to get into and out again.