A perfect day to celebrate National Beach Day. Scene from Kitty Hawk.

A perfect day to celebrate National Beach Day. Scene from Kitty Hawk.

As a National Beach Day, today was about a good as it gets on the Outer Banks.

We have to admit we really know too much about National Beach Day until we heard about it on a morning talk show. But we’re glad we did because it gave us an excuse to walk along the shoreline and see what people were doing on such spectacular late summer day.

What they were doings what you’re supposed to do on the beach. Some were stretched out on a towel, warming themselves in the sun. Some people were reading. Families were gathered together, quite a number of them under umbrellas and sun tents.

Kids were out in full force trying their luck on skim boards…and a few body boards. There wasn’t much of a break in the surf today, but a few younger surfers were out there seeing what they could catch.

One of the best things to see were parents with the youngest children walking them into the surf. And then the squeals of laughter as a wave burbles over the child’s legs.

Why National Beach Day

There is a more serious side to the day. It’s a day that encourages beach cleanup as part of a plan to save sea birds, ocean mammals and sea turtles. The plastic that people sometimes throw away without a thought, can be a deadly foe to many of the animals that live by the shore.

There is a little bit of history to National Beach Day.

Although it was officially launched in 2014, the first attempt was in 1929 by the Milwaukee Knights of Columbus. It didn’t seem to catch on. We’re guessing that Milwaukee, a wonderful city we’ve heard, is not noted for its beaches, so it’s possible the idea was good, the location suspect.

Make everyday a beach day on the Outer Banks. Spend a week or two with Brindley Beach Vacations and dig your toes into the sand.