Harbor Seal swimming in Oregon Inlet. (Photo NEST)

The sun finally came out, temperatures got back to normal or maybe just a touch above for this time of the year, and it felt great to get outside on the Outer Banks. There were a couple of fishermen on the beach this morning, not sure that we saw them catching anything, but there have been some reports of puppy drum being landed.

We seem to have a new visitor to the Outer Banks beaches. There have been a surprising number of harbor seals showing up as reported by NEST. Most of them seem to head for a dredge island just inside Oregon Inlet called Green Island, but a few of them show up on our beaches.

They look cute and friendly, but they’re not. Cute, yes . . . maybe. Friendly, definitely not. Stay away if you see one.

It seems clear why they are on the Outer Banks beaches—they’re taking a break and after three or four day, they head back out to sea. What is not clear, though, is why they are suddenly here. In the past three or four of them would show up every winter, probably caught in the Labrador Current and were disoriented. There are too many of them coming here now for that to be the case.