The Outer Banks Wedding Expo is coming up next weekend (January 19 & 20), and it’s a pretty big deal. Actually weddings in general have become an important part of what we do on the Outer Banks. 
There are a number of different ways to view what is happening with weddings. 
From a business perspective, its impact on the local economy is huge and still growing. What is particularly significant about weddings is the ripple effect felt far beyond the the ceremony itself.
Hard statistics are difficult to find on the subject, but a number of sources indicate the average Outer Banks wedding costs very close to the national average of $26,000-27,000. That figure, however, is for just the ceremony–the gowns, the catering, the flowers, the photographer and everybody else involved in producing a perfect day.
There are economic impacts beyond the ceremony, though, and it is that ripple effect spending that will have the greatest impact on Brindley Beach property owners.
The average wedding party is somewhere around 140 guests–and those people have to stay somewhere. Unlike major metropolitan areas where people drive or fly in and perhaps spend a day or at the most two days, the Outer Banks is a destination where people come to spend a long weekend or a week.
Those people need a place to stay.
What is particularly attractive about marketing a rental property to wedding guests, is the peak season for Outer Banks marriages occurs on either side of the summer. April, May and a little bit of June in the spring and September and October in the fall are when most weddings occur locally. 
Although rental rates are not as high in the spring and fall as the summer, having a plan in place that includes shoulder season rentals, can have a significant impact on income and cash flow.
When thinking about marketing a property for the wedding market, it’s important to remember why the Outer Banks is so popular. 
This is a beautiful place to live and to visit. Brides (and grooms) choose the Outer Banks because there are so many natural settings that create a marvelous backdrop to a wedding ceremony.
Equally as important, as the wedding industry has grown, a pool of professionals has developed who are as good as any wedding or event planners or photographers, or caterers anywhere.
Beyond that, this is a very welcoming community–a place where visitors feel relaxed and comfortable. When a couple asks friends and family to join them on the Outer Banks, they are confident that their guests will enjoy their entire time here.
Visit us at the Brindley Beach Vacations booth at the Outer Banks Wedding Expo!