It seems that when you live in a vacation paradise sometimes you forget how beautiful it can be, forget to take an hour or so out of your day and look around to see how special that place truly is.

Today was one of those days on the Outer Banks. With the wind north to northeast and a an ill-defined low pressure system off the coast, walking along the beach was a treat.

The surf was choppy and starting to rise, although the waves were still under 3’. There are still families here, although the parents with two teenagers and one preteen are back at home, the kids in school.

But the little ones are, in a way, the most fun to watch . . . and listen to because that squeal of delight that cannot quite be described as they experience waves for the first time is wonderful. And there is a remarkable quality of love and tradition as a father takes his daughter into the sea for the first time.

The fishermen were out in force this morning. I’m not sure if they were catching too much although one lucky woman seemed to have hooked two at once—a bit small to keep, they looked to be croaker about 3” each.

With the wind off the ocean, conditions were ideal for flying a kite on the beach, and there was at least one really good flyer out there brining his kite right to the tip of the waves and then relaunching. 

Beautiful, mesmerizing and somehow perfect for the day.

We have some great events coming up this week. For anyone where already, check them out, or come to the Outer Banks and see what it’s all about. 

The ESA Eastern Surf Championships will be at Jennette’s Pier all week—and conditions should challenge the competitors. The 4th Annual Outer Banks Bluegrass Festival is Wednesday-Saturday, September 23-26.