Mame at Theatre of Da

The Theatre of Dare is not afraid to take on some challenging plays. The latest is the musical Mame,

Like most of the Theatre of Dare productions, it’s lighthearted and fun, but Make is not an easy production to get right.

The play hit Broadway in 1956, and although it’s set in the depression era, Mame is very much a 21st century woman. She’s independent in thought and action and fundamentally opposed to compromising her principles.

The first run was this weekend and the play went smashingly.

There’s another weekend coming up to check out the play and it will be worth it. Saturday and Sunday evening performances with a Sunday matinee.

The play is performed in Manteo at the Roanoke Island Festival Park indoor theater—a perfect setting for the performance. Small enough to be intimate but large enough to house a good size crowd.

More Shows Coming to the Outer Banks

This coming weekend is a pretty big weekend for live music on the Outer Banks.

In addition to the Theatre of Dare’s production, the Outer Banks Forum for the Lively Arts is bringing the Virginia Symphony to the stage on Saturday evening. They are working with the Bryan Cultural Series to bring the complete symphony to the local audience.

The performance will be in the First Flight High School auditorium in Kill Devil Hills. Able to seat an audience of more than 600, the auditorium is designed to enhance acoustics. This should be a remarkable evening of music.

For fans of rock and roll and the blues. an amazing evening on Saturday, March 14 is coming to the indoor theater at RIFP. Bearded Face Productions is putting Mojo Collins and Triple Vision on stage along with Ruth Wyand and the Tribe of One.

Local performers who are in every sense of the word, world-class musicians.

So much happening on the Outer Banks that one week is not enough. Make your vacation stay two weeks this year with Brindley Beach Vacations.