Every once in a while it’s good to remember that companies and businesses are really just made up of people and most people are compassionate and caring, and truly do try to do the right thing.

Here at Brindley Beach Vacations we’re somewhat biased and believe our people are the best, that no matter how busy and crazy it may get at times, an act of kindness and a little extra effort does make the world a better place.

Faith Turek and Tony Duncan really exemplify that and the best way to tell the story is to reprint the email we received about their efforts.

Good afternoon,

I would like to take the time to THANK you and 2 of your employees on your staff! My 18 year old daughter lost 3 rings over the balcony of one of your properties while visiting last week! She had taken them off prior to going in the ocean and placed them in the beach bag! As we were packing to leave I, her mother, dumped the bag over the balcony to clean out the sand. Of course I had no idea the rings were still in the bag! 

When we returned home to Florida we realized the rings were missing! I called Brindley Beach and thankfully I reached a very compassionate employee… Her name was Faith! I knew at that moment that I was in good hands. Faith reassured me through my tears that EVERYTHING in her power would be done to find these missing rings. I explained the sentimental value behind them!! 

She told me she had a metal detector and would send Tony out to find them! She again reassured me that if they were where I said they were that Tony would find them! And he did!!! 

I am so grateful to both of your employees and delighted to know that there are still People like Faith and Tony out in this crazy world of ours! The rings arrived today in the mail! My daughter and I again shed tears, this time of Joy! 

Please take a moment to thanks these 2 wonderful people for going above and beyond their call of duty! They have certainly restored my “Faith” in paying it forward! I will be sending them a token of appreciation for a job well done and with such empathy! We truly enjoy our stay at your properties and have been enjoying the Outer Banks for 20 plus summers! 

Again, many thanks Mindie Noroski