Beach driving in Nags Head on a springtime afternoon.

Summer on the Outer Banks is a spectacular time and it’s tough to argue against it as the ideal time for a family vacation—so we’re not going to try to do that. However, here we are in spring and spring on the Outer Banks has a lot to recommend it.

Today—actually the past few days—are a great case in point. The sun has been out and the temperatures moderate. The breeze has been light to moderate—actually great kite flying weather, or for kiteboarders, good if not great conditions.

There are a lot of reasons to come to the Outer Banks at this time of the year. There are just enough visitors for all the businesses to be open, but the summertime population hasn’t shown up yet; people have a little more time to talk so it’s a great time to learn what life on the Outer Banks is really like; and rental rates are at offseason levels and there are some great values in available in our Brindley Beach homes.

Bike Week is winding up now. A lot of Harleys out there with that distinctive full throated roar. The bikers are good visitors—they seem to have a good time and they keep coming back every year.