Trashion Show entry from N.E.S.T.

Trashion Show entry from N.E.S.T.

The First Annual Outer Banks Trashion Show finally made its premier appearance at the Outer Banks Brewing Station this afternoon.

It was delayed about three weeks because the original date was rained out and finding a time when the backyard of the Brewing Station was available took some doing.

The wait was worth it.

It wasn’t a long  show boy any means, but it was fun, funny and went to a very good cause.

What the Trashion Show Supported

When all the money was collected $1800 was donated to the North Carolina Coastal Federation. That’s the organization that is funding a living shoreline along Moor Shore Road in Kitty Hawk. They have also been instrumental in bringing back the oyster industry in the state. And they are passionate about cleaning up our beaches.

According to Erin Fleckenstein, Manager of the Coastal Federation’s Manteo office who spoke before the event, cleanups the organization has sponsored this year has collected 300 tons of trash.

But the event was really about having fun and drawing attention to how much garbage floats up to our beaches…and the effort it takes to keep them clean.

Teams collected trash, then created fashion items from that.

The fashion items were incredible in their creativity.

There was a lot of plastic in use. Tough on the contestants because the day was hot and humid. One contestant was wrapped completely in green bubble wrapt. Plastic bottles saw considerable use, often as pseudo belts or hula skirts.

Personal favorite was the entry from N.E.S.T., the folks who watch out for nesting sea turtles. Their contestant was dressed head to toe in trash made out to look like a turtle…with a fishing net draped over the body.

It was great fun, and for a very good cause.

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