No matter how many times we look at the forecast map, the story doesn’t change. Monday afternoon through Tuesday is not going to be a pleasant day on the Outer Banks. 

She hasn’t gotten her name yet, but Tropical Storm Irma looks like she’s going to be coming our way.

As tropical systems go, it doesn’t look as though this is going to be a particularly severe one. There haven’t been any evacuation orders going out which is consistent with the forecast models that call for what will be a fast moving storm with strong winds and a lot of rain.

After Irma leaves—provided she gets a name—the rest of the week doesn’t look too bad. The temperatures will certainly be on the mild side for the summer, but nice.

This will be very much a coastal storm event. Typical of tropical systems, TS Irma will brush the coast, get caught up in a low pressure trough and hurry on off to the northeast and out to sea.

The National Hurricane Center has certainly recognized that. On their official forecast the write, “Note that north of Duck, North Carolina, hazards from this system will be handled with non-tropical products issued by local National Weather Service offices.”

That doesn’t mean that Corolla won’t have strong winds and lots of rain—the forecast is pretty ugly there as well. What it does mean is that by the time the center is that far north, it will be well offshore and heading out to sea.