As predicted, Tropical Storm Bertha brought some of the best surf conditions of the summer to the Outer Banks as she passed by about 200 or 300 miles offshore.

The morning conditions were certainly better than later in the day. Afternoon into evening the wind shifted to NNE and the long swells started to get some chop. Nonetheless, there were a lot of surfers on the line even in the afternoon. They had to work a little more to get a good ride, but the conditions and the waves were certainly there.

We had mentioned in an earlier blog that Bertha seems remarkably well behaved for a tropical system—nonetheless, she has her quirks. The current forecast takes her over the British Isles—with London in the bullseye—by day five and a number of forecasts for London are calling for wind and rain on Sunday.

A lot changes in tropical forecasts over the course of five days and under any circumstances Bertha will be Bertha no more, just a tropical depression by that time. Nonetheless, it’s something we don’t recall seeing before, so it seems worth noting.