Maybe it’s a mid January thaw, or a spring/summer tease, but the last two days on the Outer Banks were absolutely beautiful. A front came through late this afternoon with a reminder that it’s still winter, but even so, it’s not that cold outside.

It isn’t as warm as the summer by any means and the ocean temps are between 45 and 50 so the there’s not much fishing action off the piers or in the surf. We’re getting a lot of reports of offshore action—black fin and yellow fin tuna is being landed. At this time of the year, of course, it is weather dependent and it looks as though the offshore fleet should be able to get to the Gulf Stream for the next couple of days.

The surf is pretty flat right now and there doesn’t seem to be anything out there to churn it up.

It has been a mild winter so far—a bit of a storm here or there, but no snow and only a couple of days below freezing. But two days like we just had, and thoughts of summer have to come to mind. 

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