Over the past year, two mystery novel have come out by Outer Banks authors that are worth checking out. Well-written and well-paced, they will certainly appeal to fans of the genre, but there is enough in them that almost anyone will enjoy the novels.

The Serpentine Flower-Joseph Terrell

Joseph Terrell is a gifted writer who shunted back and forth between Washington, DC and his native North Carolina plying his writing craft with newspapers and public relations.

Along the way he wrote a couple of books, but after retiring to the Outer Banks he started writing his Harrison Weaver mystery novels, turning out about one a year. Set on the Outer Banks, our only disclaimer is there is not nearly as much crime as he describes in his books.

His latest work, The Serpentine Flower, is also a mystery although in a real departure for him the main character is a woman and the story is placed takes place in a small North Carolina town, not the Outer Banks.

The book is very readable and there are some scenes that Joseph describes that are as well-written as anything readers will encounter.

Strange Goings on at Mother Nature’s-David Tanis

Retired judge David Tanis writes with an eye to human foibles that shows remarkable understanding of the human condition, but does so with a wink and a nod to humor that is sure to raise a chuckle or outright laughter from time to time.

Drawing on his time sitting on the bench, David is able to weave a bit of the theatre of the absurd that happens in courtrooms with the very real drama that happens in life.

Filled with memorable yet very believable characters, there’s a great plot twist to the novel, and we can’t give that away.

Strange Goings On is worth picking up just for the courtroom scenes and the plot twist.