Veterans Day celebration at Kill Devil Hills.

Saturday is Veterans Day, November 11. As is the case in many places, it’s a day in the middle of a long weekend, so there is always a lot of activities scheduled at that time.

Here on the Outer Banks the Marathon coincides with the weekend, so they’ll be a lot of families in town.

As a holiday, Veterans Day is remembered a most of the towns where ceremonies are held at Town Halls.

Veterans Day is certainly a day to thank veterans of our armed services for what they have accomplished in insuring our freedoms and way of life. It is also a day to remember the fallen, to recall the sacrifice that so many have made. Yet it is also a celebration—a way to recognize that the efforts of our veterans are one of the reasons there is so much joy and opportunity in our lives.

Of course veterans have sacrificed much to ensure the life we enjoy in this country, but our armed services have always been a citizen army or navy. It has always been the case that our classmates, friends, neighbors have served and because they are a part of the everyday fabric of our lives, the day becomes one of remembrance and celebration.

Because of that, it is fitting that weekend of family and friendship falls on the same weekend as Veterans Day. 

For all those people who will be running 26.2 miles on Sunday, or the families who will be at First Flight High School on Saturday at the Fun Run or the Diaper Dash, have fun, celebrate life and take a moment to thank our veterans.